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CNC Punching

CNC Punching is the process of forming metal components using a punch. The punch is usually the upper member of the complete die assembly and is mounted on the slide or in a die set for alignment.

Alliance Metal Works Ltd. offers CNC punching services to our customers requiring this type of metal fabricating service. We operate a variety of punches to assist our OEM customers to produce the custom fabricated metal parts their company requires. We use some of the most technologically advanced and efficient punches available.

  • Press Tonnage
  • CNC punch presses capacity 80 tons.
  • Our punch speeds range between 1 to 25 hits per minute.
  • CNC punch presses can accommodate metal fabricating customers’ needs for a bed size up to 1270 x 1000 mm [50" x 40"].
  • Maximum Sheet Thickness/Gauge to punch metals up to 6mm [0.250"].
  • Our presses can achieve a punching accuracy with very tight tolerances


CNC Turret Punch Press - Capacity up to 30 ton. 1/4" thick mild steel. 40" x 40" sheet, 52 stations, two auto index.


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