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CNC Forming

Press braking is a metal forming process that uses an open-frame single-action press used to bend, blank, corrugate, curl, notch, perforate, pierce, or punch sheet metal or plate.

Most of our raw material sheets start out flat but few of them leave flat. Another very versatile standard tool is the sheet metal machining center is forming. It can be formed using a Hydraulic press brake. Additionally, they can compensate for variations in material strength and thickness.

Alliance Metal Works Ltd. offers press braking services to our customers requiring these metal-fabricating services. We operate a variety of press brakes to assist our OEM customers to produce press braked metal forms needed to meet their custom fabricated metal parts requirements.

  • Tonnage
    • Alliance Metal Works press brakes have tonnage capacities up to 80 tons.
  • Gauge
    • Our press brakes are capable of forming metals up to 5 mm [0.250"].
  • Size
    • We are capable of press braking parts with a part and bed size of up to a 3000 mm [118"] length.
  • Bending Accuracy
    • Our presses can achieve a bending accuracy with very tight tolerances.

NC Press Brakes - Capable of forming up to 1/4" thick x 10 ft. long sheets.

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